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  • Bowl Guard, Fits Hobart H600, P660, L800, 60qt, 80qt, 140qt Mixers
  • All Stainless Steel Contruction
  • Simple to Open & Close, Easy to Clean
  • Power Cut-Off Micro Switch Included
  • Electrical Wiring Harness is Hook-Up Ready
  • High-Impact Plastic Control Knobs
  • Many states require mixers to be equipped with a bowl guard

This bowl guard must be installed by a qualified technician:

1. Mounting of the guard to the mixer:

The technician needs a helper to hold the guard in position to tighten the ring that attaches around the planetary. After this is secured he marks the rear of guard to Hobart sheet metal frame and thru bolts the unit. He then checks to make sure the front hinged assembly opens easily and closes easily. He can use washers at the rear of the unit if needed.

2.  Electrical connection:

The micro switch on the front of guard is rated for 10A 125/250 VAC. The local electrician should know what his local jurisdiction will expect of him regarding electrical codes. In California we recommend the technician determine if the mixer has a low voltage circuit to connect to the switch. Sometimes we install a second switch in the yolk area which is wired in series with the front switch, and many times we install a low voltage transformer and relay. Each mixer is different so it must be installed by a qualified electrician. If you want the mixer to perform like the Hobart where the operator must raise the bowl before operating the machine  you need to install the lower switch on the yolk.


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