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Hobart Mixer Bowl Guards

Hobart Mixer Bowl Guards (Safety Cage)

(Ships directly from manufacturer, may take 5-10 business days for delivery)

Mixer bowl guards are required by law on commercial mixers in many states; these cages are designed to fit Hobart Classic mixers. If you have a Classic Hobart mixer (widely considered the best commercial dough mixers ever made) then this accessory will make your mixer all the more valuable and just that much safer. Keep careless hands from getting involved with your mixer's powerful motors and spare yourself a workers' compensation headache. These bowl guards do not fit Hobart Legacy mixers. Note: Installation of Bowl Guard, including Electrical hook-up, must be performed by a qualified professional. Safety cage assembly must be installed on a mixer that was not designed to accommodate such a device; hence some drilling may be necessary.


  • Entire Unit is Stainless Steel-H
  • Heavy Duty Designed for Commercial Use
  • Includes Power Cut-Off Switch
  • (Electrical) Wiring Harness is Ready for Hook-Up
  • Durable Plastic Control Knobs
  • Required by law in many states
  • Greatly increases resale value of older mixers



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